MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Fulfillment activities like click&collect provide flexibility for faster and full-range delivery.
What is click and collect
Click & collect is the way to order goods online and pick up at the store or near the store 24/7. C&C became the main tool for omnichannel retail that allows customers to have the best of both worlds: online shopping and fast receiving.
Therefore, customers do not have to pay for delivery, wait a long time until your things are delivered, and have dealing with home delivery issues.
click and collect
01 work When a customer buys online, he chooses delivery to parcel locker
02 work The administrator (picker) receives a notification in the picker’s app about the new parcel
03 work Picker puts the order to the parcel locker and the customer automatically receives notification that the parcel is in the locker
04 work The customer picks up goods from the parcel lockers
LOKO CLICK by MINT is a complete ecosystem allowing retailers to implement the CLICK&COLLECT business model seamlessly.
Why click and collect?
Benefits for customer
Helps to avoid common home delivery problems, such as delays due to weather, inability to be at home when a courier arrives, stealing of parcels
Better product understanding with access to online products, questions, ratings, and reviews
No dependence on third-party services (couriers, taxis)
Allows customers to enjoy a familiar experience in the store, limiting contact with other people in the store
Doesn't require any additional costs for the customer, which may require delivery
Allows customers to pick up orders when convenient
Benefits for retailer
Increased opportunities for upselling
Lower rate of abandoned carts (due to lack of shipping costs)
Better management of customer experience and satisfaction
Requires fewer resources than delivery
Processing orders and receiving them doesn't require hiring new employees
Omnichannel implementation
To start selling online, a retailer needs to have an online store
elastic store
convinient control
Control dashboard collect all processes in one place
Statistics of online-orders
Information about free and busy cells
Map of the parcel lockers
Possibility to control all parcel lockers remotely
Online store sales analytics
Mobile application
Mobile application
Mobile phone