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What benefits we can offer HIPOS
The perfect trade and service tool. If you are an entrepreneur and want to improve your sales system, then HiPOS is for you! Quick registration in the app, the option to add products and set up prices - are integral components for the success of your business. Cash, non-cash payments and control over the work of employees guarantee the profitability of your business
Sales tool
HiPOS is a convenient and innovative solution for business, an app that in modern conditions becomes a necessary tool for fiscal operations, control over employees and activities of business entities.
Who needs this solution?
img Entrepreneurs engaged in retail trade and accepting cash and wire transfer payments
img Small outlets of different formats: kiosk, shop
img Owners of the public service points
img For the HoReCa industry (restaurants, cafes, catering outlets, etc.)
HIPOS we`re updating for you!
Efficient management After the HIPOS installation, you`ll be able to efficiently manage your business and actively develop it. The set of application features allows you not only to regulate retail and wholesale prices but also to organize your loyalty system for customers and conduct sales. The HIPOS trade automation program also generates business profitability reports and analysis, based on available indicators
Comfortable control In modern realities, the need for constant monitoring is a major component of business profitability. Maintaining the database of products, and regulating prices from home - it's comfortable, but it is not all that the program is capable of. MPOS will establish control over employees, and protect your business from negligence and cheating
Quick start If your IT skills are limited to the level of the average PC user, don't worry: this is enough to run the HIPOS app and successfully use it - it's easy with HIPOS.
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