Smart Shelf

Smart Shelf Functions

  • Remote merchandising control
  • Out-of-stock monitoring
  • Turnover analysis
  • Theft prevention

Key Indicators for Monitoring:

  • amount of SKU on a shelf
  • quantity of goods on the “virtual” stock
  • speed of inventory turnover

Pushfeed System

  • Data gathering from sensors on the shelves
  • Collected data transmission to cloud dashboard for further processing
  • Real-time notifications to prevent out-of-stock

Camera-based System

Combination of merchandising control and stock monitoring

  • Photo verification of planogram compliance
  • Real-time view and monitoring of goods availability
  • Detection out-of-stock and pre out-of-stock situations, that stops sales losses due to empty shelves
  • Immediate alerts when shelves become empty
  • Therf prevention



Image Reco


Image recognition technology – an innovative merchandising tool based on computer vision


  • Big data collection and analysis
  • Remote monitoring of a shelf planogram

  • Tracking of goods availability in real time

  • Stock monitoring




Smart Shelf Advantages


  • Minimization of human errors
  • Increased merchandising efficiency due to automated management
  • No need to actually visit each point of sales
  • Always in touch with the market via SMS, E-mail, Viber, Telegram and in-app notifications
  • Loss prevention - shelf keeps ’hot products’ secure right on the shelf

Smart Shelf by MINT Innovations