Smart Fridge
Big data Collection & analysis
Stock monitoring
Technical & location audit
Notification of:
  • open doors
  • "off" mode
  • temperature mode failure
  • equipment location change

Stock Monitoring:

  • Events/locations map display
  • Planogram supervision and editing
  • Sales forecast and recommended plans of deliveries
  • Analytics
Technical audit
  • Temperature —Āontrol
  • Opened doors notification
  • Power consumption management
  • Forecast malfunctions and schedule timely servicing
Location audit
  • See real-time location on map
  • Creating virtual maps of the equipment regional location
  • Manage regional settings
  • Control location when fridge is powered off

Face Reco

A demographic profile of your customer linked to the product purchased by this customer. This tool allows to get real-time information and estimate, for example:

  • Efficiency of an advertising campaign of a particular product
  • Shopper tastes without collecting of information manually

Key indicators for monitoring

  • Door open/close indicator
  • Period of time for open doors
  • Evaporator outlet temperature
  • Evaporator inlet temperature
  • Off mode
  • Defrosting temperature


(for all types of fridges)

  • key indicators monitoring
  • remote monitoring of on/off status
  • power consumption monitoring, including “night mode”
  • refrigerator location real-time display on a virtual map


  • temperature remote control by product type
  • settings remote control
  • automatic reconfiguration of settings
  • creation of equipment groups by location - one-time change of settings for the entire group
  • personalized setting of access rights for any group
  • refrigeration equipment location control

Smart Fridge by MINT Innovation