Tobacco Vending Machines

The Smart Tobacco Shop:

An automated solution for tobacco dispensing, freeing up space for promotion and sale of other products.

Security and control

  • Your stock is protected in a vandal-resistant metal cabinet with a security lock (theft resistant)
  • Control of stock and sales
  • Remotely controlled via our GMBOS management software
  • Solution for the neutral packaging as required in Europe


  • Space optimization
  • Flexibility with internal configuration of channels for various packet sizes
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Saves time in re-stocking and handling returns. Rotates stock (FIFO)
  • Reduces overall shrinkage
  • Control of the tobacco stock and sales by product
  • Alerts: the program allows you to configure various alerts related to the stock and technical activity of the machine

Space optimization

–°an be placed under the counter or incorporated as the base of a traditional shelving system

Options for dispensing control

  • Your tablet screen will indicate the products to be dispensed after configuration
  • Can be integrated with your ERP or POS system for dispensing and total management



High capacity and speed of service

Modern image and versatility

Security and control:

  • The cigarettes are protected in a vandal-proof metal cabinet with a security lock (making theft difficult).
  • Control of stock and each cigarette sale.
  • Solution for new packaging (to avoid confusion).


Remote management of each machine

  • Machine configuration
  • Control of cigarette inventory and sales per product: for the optimized management of cigarette purchases
  • Alerts: the software allows a number of alerts to be configured, relating to the stock and the technical activity of the machine


The Complete Automated Retail Vending Solution

Based on a cloud server and management software which allows online control of stocks and sales, ensuring an optimized sales process. 

    1. Different use options:

A. Product selection from the self-service kiosk.

B. Selection and payment direcly at the checkout.

    2. Product dispensing machine

E-VEND: With Kiosk (no integration)

  1. Select and reserve product on KIOSK
  2. Take ticket to checkout
  3. Pay and validate purchase
  4. Scan validated ticket and collect product