Multitags – electronic shelf labels

Price tags are no longer a tool to show prices. Multitags are about digitizing the physical store to make it modern, interactive, engaging and collaborative (with brands and other partners) in order to massively improve efficiency of retail processes. 

In our solution, we combined hardware and software platform, high-speed data transferring, high-resolution color displays and fashionable design – all of these to make stores more efficient and appealing.

Sleek and modern, Multitags fit any interior. Thinner than any other tags, they add a modern intellegent touch to every store.

What you will have?

  1. Effective price management - updating of prices in real time
  2. Implemented digital assistance - displaying of essential information about the product and cross-selling propositions
  3. Targeted promotion of special offers, discounts 


  • Secure fixation on any shelf
  • Multiple pages on a screen possible
  • Full colors LCD display
  • Charging from electricity bar
  • Ultra slight

Interactions with customers:

• Always updated information on the screen: product origin, how to use the product, ingredients or recipes, technical feature of the product

• Propositions on cross-selling

• Promotions of discounts, special products, additional bonuses and propositions